A Mattress for Every Situation


Sofa beds seemed like a fantastic innovation when they first came out. Then people started actually trying to sleep on them and realized the thin, soft mattresses left them tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable and find a spot where the bars didn’t poke through.

And futons? Well, known for lumps and bumps and producing an equally poor night’s sleep.


But that was then and this is now — and now there are mattresses that can work great in different types of beds.


What You Can Use

With several sizes and materials available, you can find the right mattress to fit your needs.


You may want to consider a latex mattress or a memory foam one. Both come in different densities and offer soft, comfortable support.


Innerspring mattresses can also be a good option for less conventional beds.


Mattresses that use air or water chambers to provide support may not work as well though.


Where They Can Go

A memory foam, innerspring or a latex mattress may be a great fit for your sofa bed or futon. The foam and latex mattresses hold their shape much better than lumpy, freeform futon mattresses or thin, low density sofa bed mattresses.


Springs also give a mattress structure to offer better support.


To find the best mattress for your sofa bed or futon, check out online reviews and look for mattresses specifically designed for those types of beds.