How To Get a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

It’s a wonderful feeling to finally sink into your bed at the end of a long day. Don’t let a bad mattress spoil that beautiful feeling for you.

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Here’s what you need to know to get the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.


Find the Right Mattress

Blankets, pajamas and pillows can only take you so far if your mattress is too soft or too hard or simply isn’t right for your sleeping style.


Memory foam mattresses are a popular option for many people because the mattress conforms directly to your body while providing soft comfort and firm support.


If you are looking at buying a memory foam mattress, do some research on which density of memory foam may be right for you. A higher density foam may provide firmer support for those who suffer from back pain. Lower density foam may be softer and more pliable.


Temperature matters

Memory foam can also retain heat. If that’s a concern, you may want to check out gel-infused models that help dissipate heat and give you a cooler night’s sleep.


As you try memory foam mattresses, remember that memory foam is sensitive to temperatures. The mattress may be cold and too firm when you first lay on it. You won’t be able to get a good picture of how the mattress works until your body heat warms the foam and allows it to mold to your body.


Memory foam mattresses generally have long lives, too, with some having 20-year warranties.


Many people also like the Comsumer Reports that comes in soft to medium firmness and can be cooler than memory foam. A latex mattress can also be sourced naturally from rubber trees if you prefer a more natural mattress without emissions.